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The beautiful and otherwise rugged landscape of Riyadh is one of the most remarkable places when it comes to watching sports and is a major source of entertainment for tourists. 

With its beautiful, ancient land rich in heritage, you will find a number of exciting sports, both ancient and modern, such as camel racing, horse racing and football.    Hundreds of facilities have been established throughout the Kingdom so that all Saudis can exercise regularly or enjoy popular spectator sports. At every level of the Saudi educational system – from kindergarten through university – there is an emphasis on the importance of sports. 

The most popular modern sport in Saudi Arabia is Soccer.  The Saudi Arabia national football team, known by its fans as “al-Sogour” which means "The Falcons" or “al-Akhdar” which means "The Green" is the national team of Saudi Arabia and is controlled by the Saudi Arabia Football Federation. They are considered one of Asia's most successful national teams. Saudi Arabia has won the Asian Cup three times (1984, 1988, and 1996) and qualified for the World Cup four consecutive times ever since debuting at the 1994 tournament.

Riyadh plays an important part of the Saudi sports culture as it hosts four major soccer clubs as well as many other minor clubs. Al Shabab (established in 1947 and holds a great record in the Saudi Premier League), Al-Nasr club (named six times as a champion of the Saudi League, established in 1955), Al-Hilal club (established in 1957 and the winner of ten championships) and the Al-Riyadh club (established in 1954). 

King Fahd International Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and is currently used mostly for football matches. The stadium was built in 1987 and has the capacity of 70,000 shaded seats providing comfort in the hot desert climate. It also has one of the largest stadium roofs in the world and was a venue for matches of the FIFA World Youth Championship in 1989 including the final match.


There are also the traditional sports that include camel racing, horse racing, hunting with hounds and falconry as well as some of the more modern sports that have gained a following among Saudis, including cricket, volleyball, gymnastics, swimming, basketball and golf (most of the five star hotels have their own golf courses with different timing for men and women to play). 

With so much to offer, you should have no problem finding
a sport to either watch or play when visiting Riyadh. 
There is something for everyone to enjoy here.

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